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FLOOD INSURANCE is required by federally regulated and federally insured lenders. The lenders require flood insurance on manufactured homes, homes, condominiums, and commercial buildings located in high risk flood areas.  However, most standard homeowners, condo-owners and manufactured home insurance policies do not cover flood losses.

Flood insurance is usually written through the government-backed National Flood Insurance Program. You can purchase flood insurance if your property is located in one of the 18000 plus communities that participate in the program.

Flood insurance may be more important than fire insurance in certain areas of the country. Statistics show that during a 30-year mortgage, the chance of flood damage to a residential property is 26 times greater than the chance of a fire loss.

Homes in moderate to minimal hazard areas are also eligible for low-cost coverage. When you consider that more than one-third of all flood losses occur in moderate to minimal Hazard Areas, you should consider flood insurance because you never know when you might be flooded.

See the Flood Insurance Checklist for information about flood insurance.

The cost of flood insurance under the federal flood program should be the same for all companies writing the coverage. To obtain a quote for flood insurance click on get a quote now.

flood insurance